The Christian Rule Book: Why The Bible Has So Many Rules (Part 1)

Bible Rule Book e1350181145418 The Christian Rule Book: Why The Bible Has So Many Rules (Part 1)When I’m talking to people who aren’t Christians, one of the main problems that they have with it is that there are just too many rules.  After all, the Bible is full of thousands of pages.  From the outside looking in, that can look like too much to handle.  A giant set of rules can be a bit overwhelming, particularly on college campuses.  Most of us college students are just now getting the chance to be out of the house and live free, so why would we want to impose a giant rulebook on our lives now?  That’s what the future is for, right?

I’m going to be perfectly honest and admit that was my way of seeing the world for a while.  In a naïve person’s eyes, the Bible comes across as an overwhelming set of rules that were written way to far in the past to possibly be relevant.  I’d like to think that I thought the Bible was irrelevant to me because I never really had anyone break it down and explain it to me in a basic modern-day example.  We have this several thousand-year old rule book in front of us, but why follow it?

There are tons of reasons for the Bible.  However, I’d like to argue that one of the greatest reasons God gave us the Bible was to help Christians live their lives to the fullest.  It seems counter-intuitive since it is our rule book, but the rules are truly built to help us by causing us a little pain and some inconvenience to save us from great pait and major inconvenience.  It seems at first like sin is something that would be ok as long as no one found out about it.  However, I like to think of sin as an appetite.  Our appetite is never really fully and finally satisfied.  The more you feed an appetite, the more it grows.  Our desire to sin will never fully go away, but if we embrace it, it only leads to greater sin that will lead us down a path we never meant to go down.

Sin kind of reminds me of those meth commercials on television with the terrorizing slogan “DON’T TRY METH.  NOT ONCE.”  Unrelated, but I’m just throwing that out there!

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Cohen Wills recently graduated from the University of Georgia's undergraduate accounting program and is currently pursuing a master's degree in taxation. He attends Athens Church, a satellite church of North Point Community Church, and is happily engaged to the love of his life, Bekah Josey.